• EP Defending Freedom of ...

    added 2014-01-09

    On the initiative of the Polish delegation in the EPP group and in cooperation with the heads of national delegations of Central and Eastern European member states, the EPP Group in the European Parliament proposed to introduce to the next week's plenary session agenda a debate with a resolution on the freedom of movement - one of the most fundamental rights in the EU. The EPP Group was supported by the Socialists and Democrats thanks to the involvement of Polish MEPs. ECR, which includes Polish MEPs from the party Law and Justice (PiS), agreed to the debate but opposed a written position of the EP, which in this case is a resolution.

  • Future of Ukraine is ...

    added 2013-10-16

    The European Parliament held a conference devoted to Ukraine’s integration with the European Union in the context of upcoming summit in Vilnius. The conference, which was opened by the former President of Poland and Special Envoy of the European Parliament observation mission to Ukraine Aleksander Kwaśniewski, was attended by experts from the EU and representatives of Ukraine. The report of this mission will be the key reference for EP's decision on the consent to sign the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine.

  • Consent for visa facilitation ...

    added 2013-10-09

    Today, the European Parliament endorsed an agreement with Armenia facilitating the issuing of visas to the EU. – That is a very good decision. It shows that the European Parliament, despite problems in the EU-Armenia relations and the country falling into Russia's sphere of influence, chose to be on the side of ordinary citizens. Thanks to the new law, the visa procedure will be faster, cheaper and less bureaucratic – said Jacek Protasiewicz, Chairman of Polish delegation in the EPP and member of Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee (LIBE).


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